The 600全讯白菜网址大全 serves as a platform for leading ASEAN higher education institutions to work together to reach new heights. 为了实现这一目标,600全讯白菜网址大全将其活动分为五个不同的合作领域:



  • 新的知识和技术比以往任何时候都来得更快, the learning environment that is responsible for preparing youth for the professional world must also advance to reflect the changing circumstances.


  • Creating an academic culture that is cognizant of quality is critical to ensuring that top institutions remain strong and developing institutions are keen on how to proceed.


  • 600全讯白菜网址大全网站首页年轻人的能力是600全讯白菜网址大全网站首页繁荣的直接指标. In today’s world, it is invaluable to have experiences that expand their horizons and to meet with their international peers.


  • 学术界存在的主要原因之一是为了进一步丰富人类的知识宝库. This is why it is important for us to connect academics and provide opportunities for them to cooperate on research endeavors in their pursuit of knowledge.

Serving as a Platform for Networking

  • 促进600全讯白菜网址大全高等教育机构合作, the 600全讯白菜网址大全 serves as a platform and conduit that connects these top-tier institutions together as well as to parties interested in working with these institutions from outside the region to do significant and meaningful work.

600全讯白菜网址大全 Key Strategic Outcomes

Outcome Indicators


1. ASEAN Awareness

The Sense of ASEAN Awareness has been enhanced and a Stronger Sense of an ASEAN Community has been built up. 


SO 1.1:关于600全讯白菜网址大全认同的知识

SO 1.2:对600全讯白菜网址大全地区不同文化、语言和宗教的知识和敏感性

SO 1.3:了解历史和文化遗产

SO 1.4:深入了解600全讯白菜网址大全共同体

SO 1.5:跨文化沟通能力

SO 1.6: Increased leadership skill

2. 高等教育中的终身学习  教育终身学习在实践中得到实践. 

SO 2.1:在各种600全讯白菜网址大全网站首页平台学习的技巧

SO 2.2: Job readiness/employability

SO 2.3 .社会、文化和公民参与

3. 可持续发展教育 600全讯白菜网址大全高等教育机构积极推动可持续发展.

SO 3.1:可持续发展的知识和意识

SO 3.2: Behavioral changes

4. 高等教育质素的保证及提升 高等教育水平和质量不断提高.

SO 4.1: Quality system and management in ASEAN universities have been improved and enhanced continuously and holistically

SO 4.2: Study programmes/degree programmes in ASEAN universities have attained high quality standards when benchmarked against world-class programmes

5. University-Industry Partnership 大学与工业界的合作, and other sectors, have been strengthened.

SO 5.1:短期-低强度,强调知识和技术转移(一次性事件/项目)

SO 5.2: Medium term - concentrating on academic entrepreneurship and human resource training and exchanges (cooperative project)

SO 5.3:长期研究合作/服务和投资/共享基础设施

6. 教育工作者和大学的能力建设 教师能力建设方案, academics, and other key stakeholders in the education community have been provided to achieve the required or desirable Level of Knowledge and Competencies

SO 6.1:政策相关能力(600全讯白菜网址大全/亚欧级别)

SO 6.2: Curriculum capacity

SO 6.3: Teaching capacity

SO 6.4: Assessment capacity

SO 6.5: Quality assurance capacity

7. 每个600全讯白菜网址大全专题网络指定的最终结果,不包括SO 1-6 由每个600全讯白菜网址大全专题网络制定的战略成果

SO 7.1: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-BE

SO 7.2: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全/SEED-Net

SO 7.3: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全ILO

SO 7.4: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-HRE

SO 7.5: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全 USR&S

SO 7.6: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-ACTS

SO 7.7: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-HPN

SO 7.8: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-AEC

SO 7.9: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-DPPnet

SO 7.10: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-SAN

SO 7.11: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-SCUD

SO 7.12: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-CA

SO 7.13: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-UIE

SO 7.14: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-ADERA

SO 7.15: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-EEC

SO 7.16: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA

SO 7.17: End outcomes of 600全讯白菜网址大全-TEPL

Inter mediate Outcomes 8. ICT in Higher Education 信息通信技术在高等教育中的应用在质量和可及性方面得到了最大限度的提高. SO 8.1:通过使用信息通信技术提供和获取优质资源
9. Information and Knowledge Exchange 网络内部和外部的信息/知识流动增加了.



SO-b: New collaboration/networking


SO-d: Enhanced capability

SO-e: Brand name leverage


10. Academic Resource Exchange 人才、技术、教育、材料等. have been shared and exchanged.
11. 非盟秘书处和专题网络秘书处提供的服务 The Missions and Goals of each 600全讯白菜网址大全 Thematic Network have been achieved partly through the coordination and support from the 600全讯白菜网址大全 Secretariat.