27 January 2022

600全讯白菜网址大全-QA Tier-1 Training Returns

Noppanun Sookping
600全讯白菜网址大全 Programme Officer;

完成项目评估的600全讯白菜网址大全-QA培训讲习班(600全讯白菜网址大全-QA一级培训)在因Covid-19大流行而中断2年后重新启动. The 1st 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA Tier-1 Training (Online) which took place on 13 December 2021 – 24 January 2022. 
首轮数字化600全讯白菜网址大全-QA一级培训(在线)受到热烈欢迎,来自600全讯白菜网址大全三国高校的31名学员成功参加, namely the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam.

In his opening remarks in the 1st 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA Tier-1 Training (Online), Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, Executive Director of the ASEAN University Network (600全讯白菜网址大全), noted that while the on-site training was a preferred option as it had its own merits, 对于600全讯白菜网址大全-QA来说,在当前疫情需要的情况下进行现场培训是一项挑战. Throughout the 2-year hiatus, 为确保新的600全讯白菜网址大全- qa一级培训(在线)能够保持其活动的本质,600全讯白菜网址大全- qa秘书处和600全讯白菜网址大全- qa投入了大量资金来改进培训活动并使其数字化, deliver the training outcome, and meet a very high standard when conducted in a full-online format.

With certain modifications to the activities to ensure the training’s effectiveness in an online environment, the 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA Tier-1 Training (Online)’s 7-week programme now consists of asynchronous and synchronous sessions. In asynchronous sessions, participants would conduct their own self-study with materials e.g., video, supplementary notes provided by the coaches. In parallel, 同步会议作为全天密集会议,上午进行全体会议和下午的小组工作会议,教练和参与者一起工作. At the end of this 7-week synchronous and asynchronous course, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify the elements of a quality assurance ecosystem
  • Apply the 4As iterative framework to implement the 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA programme framework
  • Interpret the 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA framework, its criteria and requirements
  • Perform gap analysis on study programmes in fulfilling the 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA programme framework
  • Improve programme QA to close the identified gaps

By deploying this innovative organizational module, 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA能够建立一个有效和健康的在线培训环境,为参与者提供灵活的管理自己的屏幕时间通过自学,同时通过同步会话保持互动感. 

第一届600全讯白菜网址大全-QA一级培训(在线)的成功可以被认为是600全讯白菜网址大全-QA在学习方面不断努力的另一个基石, adapting, and continuing its mission to promote quality assurance of higher education in the ASEAN region. The 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA hopes that the 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA Tier-1 Training, now in a new online format, 将能够继续发挥其作用,使大学QA从业者在困难的大流行情况下理解和应用独特的600全讯白菜网址大全-QA系统.

Please stay tuned for the future update and more exciting activities from the 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA. 
For more information, please visit http://formcenter.ski-boats.com/events/aun-qa-training-course-accomplishing-programme-assessment-version-40-online or contact the 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA at [email protected]