21 February 2021

介绍600全讯白菜网址大全专题网络系列#1 - 600全讯白菜网址大全- qa

Phasawit Jutatungcharoen
600全讯白菜网址大全 Programme Officer;

600全讯白菜网址大全质量保证(600全讯白菜网址大全-QA)网络的创建是为了实现协调教育标准和寻求600全讯白菜网址大全地区大学学术质量的持续改进的使命. 与核心的30所600全讯白菜网址大全成员大学一起, 它还与100多名准会员合作, 从事不限于培训的活动, assessment, 出版网络指南和手册. 它是600全讯白菜网址大全最大、增长最快的主题网络之一.

600全讯白菜网址大全- qa的历史可以追溯到1998年在缅甸召开的第四届600全讯白菜网址大全- bot会议. The concept originated from Dr. Vanchai Sirichana, 他认为600全讯白菜网址大全应努力发展一个质量保证网络,以提高和维持本地区的高教育水平. In November 2000, 各成员大学赞同《600全讯白菜网址大全网站首页》, 为发展质素保证系统和提高标准提供了一系列指引. 各成员大学亦会委任总质素主任,以协助落实这一目标.

600全讯白菜网址大全-QA的目标是提升高等教育的水平和质素, including:

  • 致力于高等教育质素的保证和提升.
  • Holistically improving the quality system and management within ASEAN universitie
  • 确保600全讯白菜网址大全大学的学习或学位课程达到世界优秀课程的高质量标准

One of the first activities from the 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA was to standardize the guidelines for quality assurance. 第一份600全讯白菜网址大全-QA指南于2004年出版并获得批准, 2006年,第一本《600全讯白菜网址大全-QA手册》获得认可. Guidelines on assessment at the programme level were also first published in 2011, 而最新的第三版出版于2015年.

At present, the bulk of 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA’s activities are focused on assessments, both online and offline. 自2007年第一次600全讯白菜网址大全-QA项目评估以来, the network has conducted nearly 200 assessments as of the end of the 2020. Assessors conduct their assignments under the principle of ethical conduct, fair presentation, and due professional care. The assessment process is also conducted based on impartiality and evidence-based judgements. In addition, 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA也进行机构评估, examining the institution as a whole rather than specific programs.

为任务培养正确的评估人员, 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA has conducted numerous trainings for new 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA Assessors from different universities. The 1st training session began in 2008 and has been further expanded for various specialized sessions, including a three-tiered training system and Outcome-Based Education training. To this end, 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA还组织国际会议, where speakers and researchers present their innovations in teaching and learning.

除了它的规模和活动, 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA is also self-financed, allowing it to be autonomous and impartial in its assessment work. This allows them to build a strong reputation and solid record that garners respect within the region, 同时吸引新成员加入家庭. With its success over the years, the future of 600全讯白菜网址大全-QA remains bright.

Contact information

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://aun-qa.org/
  • 电话:+ 662 2153640/2153642/2183256
  • Fax: + 662 2168808
  • Office Address: 17th Floor, Chaloem Rajakumari 60 Building, Chulalongkorn University, Phayathai Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

In the next article, we will talk about 600全讯白菜网址大全-BE and their work in engaging industry and business with ASEAN universities.